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Crystal Ducky - Clear (Medusa) 34mm

$30.00 USD
  • Crystal Ducky - Clear (Medusa) 34mm

The Crystal Ducky is our new and improved version of our clear fingerboards.
These boards are injection molded out of tough polycarbonate instead of being 3d printed out of resin. This creates a way stronger, higher quality deck that's virtually indestructible. Each board is completely transparent like glass, only showing light surface marks and imperfections under direct lighting.
Every board is laser engraved with a graphic. Due to the complexity of roman numerals up in the three hundreds, these boards are not given individual serial numbers.

Note: Unlike our other decks, the injection molding process is outsourced. The design and finishing is still done in-house.
  • Clear color
  • Symmetrical medium/high kicks with deep concave
  • Roughly 96mm x 34mm

  • Deck
  • 2 Sheets of 0.5mm Frosted and .2mm Original Ducky Tape