Crystal Ducky - Clear (Pure) 34mm

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  • Crystal Ducky - Clear (Pure) 34mm
  • Crystal Ducky - Clear (Pure) 34mm
  • Crystal Ducky - Clear (Pure) 34mm

The Crystal Ducky is our new and improved clear fingerboard made of strong polycarbonate. Each board is completely transparent like glass, only showing light surface marks and imperfections under direct lighting. We offer two shapes, both are made using different methods. The "Runner" is an aggressive shape that's injection molded, while the "Pekin" is a more mellow/medium shape that's heat pressed out of sheets of polycarbonate. Every board is laser engraved with a graphic.

Only the Runner Shape's injection molding process is outsourced. Its design and finishing is done in-house. All other boards are 100% made in-house.

  • Color - Clear
  • Symmetrical medium/high kicks with deep concave
  • Roughly 95.5mm x34mm
    • Deck
    • 2 Sheets of 0.2mm Ducky Tape (Frosted and Original)
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