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Ruddy - New Pekin Shape Glitter Green 33,34mm

$20.00 USD
  • Ruddy - New Pekin  Shape Glitter Green 33,34mm

Say hi to the Pekin, our newest deck shape! It's symmetrical, but with mellow concave and medium kicks, a more relaxed shape overall. All decks are 34mm x 97mm.

The Ruddy is a more raw version of our 3D printed decks. They're printed using FDM which makes these boards more impact resistant than 3d printed resin decks. These decks also require less handwork on our part so we’re able to offer them at a lower price. These decks are also not numbered unlike our other decks for simplicity’s sake. Keep in mind that although tough, these are still plastic. Extreme bending, heat exposure, or abuse of the board could still damage it. It isn't wood!
  • Color - Glitter Green
  • Symmetrical medium kicks with mellow concave
  • 33mm, 34mm x 97mm

  • Deck
  • Sheet of 0.2mm Frosted Ducky Tape