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Runner - Clear (Flamingo)

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  • Runner - Clear (Flamingo)
  • Runner - Clear (Flamingo)

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The Duck Deck Runner is our second 3D-printed resin fingerboard model. The Runner is the same shape as the Muscovy, but is thinner and lighter. It has symmetrical medium kicks and medium concave. Each Duck Deck has a unique serial number engraved on the deck in order of their creation.
  • Clear pink color
  • Symmetrical medium kicks with medium concave
  • Roughly 34mm x 96mm

  • Deck
  • Duck Decks Sticker
  • Sheet of new 0.5mm Ducky Tape

Disclaimer: Although 3d printed, most of the work is done entirely by hand. Each board may have minor aesthetic imperfections, such as air bubbles or finish imperfections.

This board is made of a special resin which is extremely tough. It has been tested extensively, but extreme bending, heat exposure or abuse of the board could still damage it. It isn't wood!